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Fire In The Water

For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

Shots from the sacred spring of Aquae Sulis….. the temple of  the Goddess Sulis-Minerva if you’re a Roman. This is from the Roman baths  in Bath, UK.   The hot water comes from fires deep inside the Earth….. it’s open to the clean air…. and the Sun, symbol of the Goddess.




This was on my bucket list, it’s in the bucket now!





Amble On

Amble is a lovely word, it’s the speed I move at these days.  After a lifetime of ambling round the place, I can now claim the title of Flaneur.  I stroll without purpose, seeing things that people in a hurry never notice.  I can absorb the character of a place more easily. I do see beautiful things, some of them are in the guidebooks. I also see striking things… the modern flaneur is never without a camera.

Things I’ve seen while ambling recently…. Not seen, or at least noticed before.



Figeac & Viviez, France


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Symphonic Feast

Food can be a symphony….. many elements combine to create a satisfying experience. Like classical symphonies, a good meal can have overtures, recurring motifs, passages of tranquility, passages of power.

I’ve taken to writing reviews for Google Maps and adding photos. I’m not an accomplished food photographer by any means, but it does make me appreciate the work that goes into presentation. The tastes can be sensational and the first impression spurs the appetite.

Some of my pictures get many more views and hits than this blog, despite not being my best photographs. They do help me remember what I ate.

Cote Saveurs, Villefranche de Rouergue, France

Bistrot Cocotte, Haberfield NSW, Australia

I’ve been lucky recently to eat at some wonderful places

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Fog On The River

I like fog.   On the river it can be enchanting, but like most enchantments, it’s dangerous.  Fog at night is the worst, even the navigation lights seem to shift and sway. Crossing the river on my way home, I’ve been led astray a few times. Currents and tides conspire to help you drift off course. Once, when I thought I was about to reach the island jetty, I found I was under the railway bridge, half a kilometre in the wrong direction. The train that went overhead was like a dragon.

Fog is great, but you must be on guard at all times…. sorcery and dragons await!

Hawkesbury River fog seen from the Dangar Jetty, early morning.